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 Last night we went to see http://www.fringeworld.com.au/program/event/9fe447c8-7005-4612-a6ad-2d7dd25254e6/ - Adventures of The Improvised Sherlock Holmes.  This was pretty dear to my heart, because I'm very fond of Sherlock and of improv - so seeing it all come together was pretty neat.

SIr Arthur Conan Doyle hands out cards to write a title of his unpublished Holmes story on, which they'll then, if drawn, turn into reality. While I was a little disappointed that my suggestion of The Case of the Gabardine Life Preserver wasn't drawn from the hat we were soon drawn into the mysterious case of the Missing Mobile Phone.

The cast was lively and playful, full of esoteric bits of Victoriana trivia and not above trying to trip one another up from time to time. Inviting two characters to dinner when they were played by the same person, for example, all taken in good humour and to audience merriment.

There were bits where an actor would pause, squint and try to work out if something was invented yet, a familiar feeling to anyone rpging or writing in the era. What's clear is that these actors love the stories just as much as we do, and are revelling in the chance to play in Doyle's creation.

Me to "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle' - "I'm a great fan of your work"
'Sir Arthur Conan Doyle' - "Yes, I'm a great fan of myself."

There's shows on tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. I'm surprised it hasn't sold out.

Highly recommended 8.5 and going on a treasure hunt with Dr Joseph Bell on the Sid and Nancy Scale.

The cast of last night's Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes
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 Well Flash in the Can is with us again and treated us to a show of Aaand Now for Something Completely Improvised. These are the people behind Aaand Now For Something Completely Wireless, also an improv masterpiece.  In tonight's show a forgetful old grandfather, prompted by audience members sets the scene for the story to be acted out by these skilled performers. So we had the Story of Boris (whose dark secret was that he had 3 left feet) and The Mashed Banana.

We learned from audience members that it was set in Aberdeen, in the U.K and begins in a library. The cast pulled this all into a dramatic narrative involving Boris the Librarian's plot to translate all of the books in the Aberdeen Library into Scottish as should be right and proper in that place, a childless couple, 7800 babies, Leviticus and quite a lot of mashed banana.  With scene and costume changes too, and a side note from one of the actors, who was born in Aberdeen.

This was all wrapped up in a satisfying and clever conclusion. These stories will be different each night, of course, and the actors all have their own shows as well other Flash in the Can shows so there's a lot of hard work and brains there. 

8.5 (this was the preview, they will get even better) out of 10 super and watching the Radio Prune / Whose Line Is It Anyway Mornington Crescent championship playoffs on the Sid and Nancy Scale.
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Nosferatu with live score composed and played by Viola Dana.

This was an amazing experience down at Scarborough Beach at the Sunset Verandah - Big Top tonight. You unfortunately don't have the chance to see this performance at the rest of the Fringe as it was one night only. Not the usual Fringe 1 hour show. Not something the performers could do over and over - this is intense work.

They played a very good restoration of the classic horror film Nosferatu, and the band provided the score to it - live and with no stops.

This adds true intensity to cinema. For nearly two hours the band played constantly building the sound picture and the soul of the film.

As the band took their bows, it was clear that despite making it look and sound easy, playing to an unremitting conductor was physically and mentally exhausting. But exhilarating too and the audience certainly picked it up.

I never knew anybody was doing this sort of thing locally and I'm going to keep my eye on them.

They will be doing Buster Keaton's The General at the Hyde Park Festival on the 14th and I urge you to go, because it is quite stupendous to have this cinematic experience. More info herehttp://www.vincent.wa.gov.au/Your_Community/Whats_on_in_Vincent/Events/Events_2016/Summer_Concert_14_Feb

Left to right - Tristen Parr on cello, Jozef Grech on guitar, Kathy Corecig on violin, Pete Guazzelli handling MC and percussion. Photo by +Rob Masters 

The Perth Band Viola Dana

10/10 fantastic and being invited to watch Young Frankenstein in company with the original cast.
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 We saw this highly amusing show last night. It's the first time I've ever seen a Mentalist in the flesh. Tim Motley plays the detective Dirk Darrow.  In the role of a 1930's detective noir comedy musical mentalist prestidigitator.  And there's not too many of them about. This show is all sold out so you will have to wait until next year for a stream of unending wit, mixed metaphors in a lightning stream of patter and single entendres and audience participation. Tim has great stage presence and isn't at all rattled when an audience member flubs a cue, he makes it part of the act with true professionalism. Great show last night.
"Now - the gentleman wearing the tablecloth - "
Audience laughs
"Be quiet! If a picnic should happen, he's prepared, and you're not."

8.5/10 Great fun and  Spencer for Hire jamming with They Might Be Giants on the Sid and Nancy Scale
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Cirque du Soleil is playing in Perth with their show Totem.

As a first time experience of this famous troupe I was blown away by the skills of the performers. The fliers were fantastic - but the rug spinners and especially the women on the 3 metre tall or so unicycles throwing bowls onto each others heads with their feet While cycling backwards. Really took the cake for me.

The lighting and effects were extraordinary too, with the tide coming in and out, and the spectacular costumes and sets.

The clowns were non scary and very funny - skilled too, I especially liked Misha and his  musical piece.

9/10 Highly recommended and finding yourself in the middle of The Carnival of Cultures in zero gravity on the Sid and Nancy scale .
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Grads with the inestimable Stephen Lee is doing Dr Faustus at the New Fortune - one performance left http://www.ticketswa.com/event/doctor-faustus

I have only ever seen it once before, I think it was at the Dolphin back in 1984 which was a very different production - very gloomy, and done with a lot of masks and costuming which made everyone except Faust look like grotesque caricatures. And even Faust wore a mask. But it made an impression.

It's a powerful play, whatever version you might view.

This is the play that has the famous line "Was this the face that launch'd a thousand ships, and burnt the topless towers of Ilium?"

It's not Shakespeare, it's Christopher Marlowe, a contemporary of Shakespeare's and influential upon his works, and really it would be good to see more of his works performed.

The original story is from an old German tale of a scholar who summons the Devil. This must have been hot stuff in Elizabethan times, some really blasphemous stuff going on - even people these days might find it disquieting. You've got talk of baby killing, you've got Satanic pentagrams and Lucifer himself appearing on the big screen amidst hellfire. You've got people being turned into animals. Considering the characters involved (not the actors, you were gems!) probably a step up.

You've got succubi - a marvelous Devil Wife and the 7 Deadly Sins - I guess Mr Lee, the Director, casting himself as Wrath knows what Directors are like, haha. 
You've got Good Angels and Bad Angels.

What's disquieting is Grant Malcolm's Mephistophilis, always watching, calculating, aloof and quietly confident as Dr Faustus's soul inches ever closer to his clutches.

What's disquieting is David Meadows's Doctor Faustus's creeping uncertainty limping out from his brash overbearing joy of power and influence.
Where have all the candles gone... there were dozens at the start? Pretty creepy.

But what you also have is some of the funniest Elizabethan theatre I've ever seen during the time when Dr. Faustus, intoxicated with the power, embarks on a tour of Europe (with holiday snaps) and displays of magic and some very, very, funny practical jokes.

Great set, great lighting, great sound, great moves, great show.

Very interesting, a real contrast to Shakespeare and really well done.

9/10 Intriguing and Funny. Death reading Reaper Man to Sir Terry Pratchett, in person on the Sid and Nancy Scale.


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