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Friday evening we had pizza from Scarborough Pizza, and their new gourmet pizzas are very nice. We (Steveg, Rob and myself sorted out the rough edges of my Empire of the Petal Throne character and her faithful retainer and then had a very short game of The Last Panther where Steveg won the game on embarrassingly (to Rob and me) positive points.

On Saturday Ros, Rob and I drove down to Matilda Bay where we inflated Ros's new kayak and commenced paddling in a sort of watery convoy. Ros's Coleman kayak works really well, and she says she enjoyed it a great deal. All in all, we paddled about two kilometres (not at all bad going for a beginner)and the boat has exceeded expectations. Very pleasant, and no rain until we'd got back to the cars and could shelter with our thermos and snacks in the warm. It then considerately stopped raining when it was time to load the other kayaks onto the racks.

I then went and got my bike, which due to the metal beading in the old tyres going west has new ultra thin sports Continentals slicks on. A VERY big change from the ultra knobblies that I had. Lumo goes much, much faster now, just like the lightning he's named for!

We wandered off to Poss's and watched Dr Who, but couldn't wait until next week when this week's episode ended on a cliffhanger so we watched the next one. Heh heh heh.

Watched the Mystied Sword and the Dragon movie, which was pretty darn good, even if it was a Bert I Gordon. Then after eating far too many of Poss's mini choc muffins we departed, and as the tide was coming in, we went to do some fishing off Como Jetty.

Rob was apparently musing away when he noticed the west bank of the river kind of fade away after about his 10th cast. We hastily packed up, and were caught in the first watery breath of rain as it ran ahead of the main downpour. Crossing the traffic bridge over the freeway we got a bit soggier.

Came home, freeformed a bit, and then went to sleep.

It's rained a bit this morning, we're going to my Mum-in-law's birthday arvo tea today, and we've been vaguely domestic. Rob's about to head of In Search Of Gifts because we've been a bit busy to do it yet.

Hope everyone else is having a good day!
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Well, the contractors for Western Power have been and gone, and now we have underground power, and the linesmen have been and removed the power cable from the powerpole out the front. Hooray!

On the weekend, which I didn't tell you about yesterday, what with one thing and another, we did a bit of shopping out and about for dessert. We also hit Home Base, where we were looking at security doors. Then we drove to Poss's, and only managed to remember one DVD. D'oh!

But it was alright, we had plenty to watch any way! We watched Through Fire, Water and Brass Pipes, another wonderful Russian fantasy fairytale by Aleksandr Rou - Baba Yaga's out for revenge against Kashchej the undying because of the slight to her daughter - the way these films bring together these exciting characters well known to anyone who reads Russian fairytales is a joy. And they do it right, okay, some of it is pretty pantomine (not that there's anything wrong with that!) but they have the right elements, Kashchej keeps his life in an egg, hidden - Baba Yaga has her wonderful chicken legged house etc. Charming!

And we watched Black Books, Space 1999 and a very cool episode of Randall and Hopkirk (deceased) set in a hotel where too many people are checking in, but not out again...

I think that's all we watched.

Any rate the next morning, I can't really remember what happened...um. Oh, yes, we had brunch, Rob cooked us pancakes with maple syrup and bacon and then he had to work. Then we all drove to Hillarys, where we fished for a bit. We didn't get anything, but a toddler being helped by his Dad caught a huge leatherjacket. Over 30cms! Some of the old crusty fisherman who'd been there all afternoon were a bit put out by that. But Dad and kid were thrilled!

I've just cooked a roast chicken with lemon and 5spice and honey. Very nice for lunch with rice and tarragon carrots, and greens from the garden.

That's it for now, going back to drawing this latest unicorn, poor thing, it's been interrupted so much lately.
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Dad's recovering well and looks to be out of hospital on Monday, Mum and I drove in to see him on Wednesday, which wasn't fun on all levels.  But afterwoulds we got to recover at Retro's with TUS-Poss who was having cat troubles. (yes, not a typo, cat)

Rob's on earlies so he's not really firing on all three at the moment.  Thursday though was nice, we went to Hillaries Marina and did some fishing. Not much biting except 10,000,000,000 blowies but we did catch the ever faithful yellowtail and Rob got a super tailor.

Friday night we played Citadels as Garry's Tekumal game isn't quite fleshed out to his satisfaction, and a few more turns on the 5559 game of Freeciv.

Been out and about this morning, getting a tyre for Villa, went to JB's and have come back with the Godzilla Final Wars movie everyone is sick of hearing us rave about I'm sure.

And continuing on with TBD over the past couple of days for what it's worth.

Me in my Salwar Kameez


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