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 Friday night we saw the Wonder Woman movie with the Genghiscon/Swancon crowd and hugely enjoyed it.  I caught the wanderbus (the 98 circle route) to Belmont, met Rob and we enjoyed some Guz & Gomez mexican beforehand and then wandered in. After the movie, we took our leave.

I was recently sent some samples from a new range of lower carb gluten free goodies to test bake from Melindas Gluten Free Goodies

We decided to bake one of them after the movie, the Lower Carb Self Raising Flour. We asked a lot of it, we were baking a recipe that was both gluten free and dairy free, came in three layers and was a chequerboard pattern cake. This turned out quite delicious, and the new-to-me Nuttlex Buttery makes an awesome buttercream.

The flour performed well, and the cake was very delicious.

The next day we slept in but soon made some wraps for lunch and visited friends for some games. They'd recently aquired Scythe, having tried it and liked it, and we were keen to try it out as we'd backed it quite some time ago, but not had the opportunity to play. They kindly offered to teach us.

We had a great game, it really is easy to get the hang of, and if by the end of a game you want to play it again immediately after, that's a good sign. The artwork and the layout is beautiful, and it's a novelty to play a post-wargame. I had a mission to do a bunch of stuff without resorting to building Mechs, but you generally need them to do a river crossing for your character. D'oh. I needed stuff on the other side of the water, so I sneakily built a mine and me and my trusty Musk Ox popped up in the middle of the board and snagged a valuable encounter.  I think I came dead last, but not by too much, and when a game can give you such satisfaction at a neat move, that's the same as winning by my books.

Very nice, and so glad we backed it.

We had a bit of a break for lunch and then had a relaxed game of Kodama.

This went down very well with the others. I was getting pretty tired by this point but against my brief scrabble at sanity we embarked on Near and Far which we'd had arrive fresh two days before.

You can read my session report here if you like. 

Bearing in mind that was only the demo, there are more subtleties to come. But it was a very satisfying play.

Then it was time to go home to sleep - perchance to go kayaking the next day. Perchance not.

So we're driving home and I pull over because something sounds funny. D'oh, flat tyre. Ring the RAC, the tow truck comes, puts us and our car onto a tow truck and take us home. The tow truck driver was very nice, enchanted with the car and happily chatted all the way home. 
5 stars, would be towed again.

This is a long weekend, so perusing the tyre places on a long weekend Sunday concludes one thing, either no-one returns a phone call, and / or they're just simply not open. That's quite beside the point as to whether they may or may not have had a rear tyre for a Smart Car. So we gave up on the idea of the weekend being two days kayaking, one day gaming.  

We munged around mostly on Sunday, trying to get a tyre or just reading our Hugo packet, and in my case, napping a little. Rob replaced the 3D printer's bed for a better one and ran off a test print that went off well.

I made an online booking with RAC Tyres to come and do the replacement tyre on Wednesday, this is a considerable improvement than in the past where I've had to ring around to see if anyone has the tyres for a Smartcar, and then go there myself. RAC apparently carry them and furthermore will carry them to me and put them on too.

Oh, Rob said he saw our old green Smartcar being driven around in Karrinyup, nice to know it's still going strong.

We called the people we were meant to be kayaking with on Monday and told them the bad news, and arranged instead to meet them down at Scarborough and have lunch at the Health Freak Cafe. We love it because the entire menu is gluten free. And we can have sliders or pasta, both of which are rare treats at restaurants for us.

Monday dawned reasonably early for us and we hopped on our Me-Mover Fits and moved ourselves the few kilometres to Scarborough. But the coastal dunes make the way bumpy, so there was some effort there. About a kilometre to our destination and in sight of the sea I came off my Mover, negotiating a maze, and came down hard on my left knee and apparently my ankle . Gosh it hurt! But I could stand and hadn't hit my head or anything, Rob whacked a couple of big bandaids on the grazed knee, and after reassuring about six or seven concerned surfers, young ladies and gentlemen on their way to the beach, some cyclists and the nice guy who lives across the road from the maze who actually offered me a lift home, I felt able to continue. Kindness of strangers was lovely.

We rode the rest of the way, and I waited on a bench while Rob visited the chemist for a coldpack and panadol, both of which I used gratefully while enjoying a cappuccino at the cafe whilst our friends were on their way. Down at Scarborough things are very disrupted with the construction works. If you're going down there, study up first where to park, and if you're on a bike, some of the paths have closed. It's all going to be lovely when the construction's done but it's just not pleasant to get to or to be around when the work is going on, and some of the small businesses have closed due to people just keeping away from it all.

Our friends arrived and we all had a lovely meal, Rob and I tempted by the Araccini and the Sliders, and the others having lasagne.

One thing that's nice with the Me-Movers is that you can easily pace someone who's walking, so we all decided to walk/MeMove to Trigg up the coastal walk.  A very pleasant walk it was too. Although you know, people should ring their bike bells a bit more often if they're passing.  

It's still pretty much late Djeran here, it was quite warm in the sun and there were practically no clouds to speak of. The Indian Ocean was like silk, a few well shaped waves close to shore and no wind. A good view of our large island offshore with both Wadjemup and Bathurst lighthouses lined up. It would have been an exceptional kayaking day, sigh. But it was a pretty exceptional Me-Moving day too.

We pottered back with our friends and broke off and rode to Karrinyup shopping centre for some groceries. I was feeling pretty whacked by then, not so much the pain, but just tuckered out. That last push up Jeanes Road was a killer. But we got there and were considerably revived by Grumpy Farmer iced chocolate and iced coffee from Woolworths.

We're going with the notion that flavoured milk is better than some sugary sports drink. Gee they're nice - the coffee isn't sweetened, and the chocolate only has the sugar that comes with the chocolate. They're made with non-homogenised milk, so there's a great layer of cream on the top, delicious!

Then we rode home, had showers and decided to do our last bit of baking for Melindas.  We've changing our gas over to Kleenheat, so our gas is cut off, so Mum picked us up and took us to her place to do the baking. This was the lower carb Seed Cracker Mix and I don't think I've seen a simpler recipe. Add 250ml of water, stir, leave for 3 minutes, stir again, spread and bake. And it's really, really nice, light and crisp. Top marks there! I've sent the feedback and feel very accomplished. We've previously done the lower carb gf muffins and pancakes too as part of this survey.

Mum took us home and I read Rob the last of Dark Lord of Derkholm. We'll be starting on Year of the Griffin next.

We slept really well, Rob has Me-Moved off to work earlydarkearly this morning, and I am shuffling around writing this, watering and cleaning up the kitchen. Exercise wise, not as sore as I thought I'd be. Injury wise  - well my ankle is bit swollen and painful, my knee is sore, pretty grazed and weepy (spray bandage is damnpainful to apply but works well so that was done to swearing and writhing around a bit) and I'm going to have a very colourful leg I think, but I'm okay if a bit sorry for myself.

Lunch is looking good, and a cup of tea. 


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