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There's a classic bit in my favourite play, The Foreigner, where Charlie, to spook one of the local rednecks  pretends to come over all weird and Lovecraftian. (Charlie is the editor of a science fiction magazine, so he has plenty of material to work with)

 Charlie: Yes. Me see. Moon get beeg. You sleep—sleep out, out. All you skin—bye-bye. I come. I look tru your bones.
Owen: What you talkin' about, mister?
Charlie: (His eyes close.) Round an' round, and in de town— . (His eyes open slightly, still looking at Owen.) Gonna look into your bones, when de bees come down.

Anyway, as I was walking up to catch the bus I dodged a feral honey bee-line going down into the ground, infesting a Telstra telephone service pit. While honeybees are having trouble across their native range, they're doing just fine in Australia which is great for apiarists, but not so good for some native plants that the ferals don't pollinate, insects that get out-competed and many of our birds and mammals which require tree hollows to nest in. Feral honeybees see a tree hollow and say youbewdy, we'll colonise that! No, go away, black cockatoo, go wait for another tree to form a hollow, it'll only take 50 years (if you're lucky) or more.

Hence "Bees come down and look tru your phones!"

When I mentioned this to other people they suggested I ring Telstra and complain about a buzzing on the line. :-)

I didn't think that it was a good idea to leave it there, where people can walk into it or NBN or Telstra personnel could get stung coming upon it unaware. I guess turn about is fair play, people complain about getting stung by Telstra, but still. So I rang Telstra. Spoke to a nice lady who took the information, and said that they would get onto it right away. She then asked me if there was anything else I wanted. So I said, no thanks, just for you to have a good evening.
There was a pause and she said "Do you know, you're the first person, since I started work 7 hours ago, to say anything like that. You've made my day!"


So be nice to people, even if they're in a thankless call centre overseas, because apparently it's a rare thing, and we're all feeling so isolated and sad so easily.

Unless they call you at dinner and try to scam you, in that case just hang up because those people are evil and aren't worth your breath. The ATO will never ring you like that!

Had a very nice round of disc golf at the Taylor Park Reserve yesterday. The Perth Garden Festival is setting up very close by at McCallum Park, and looks like the disc golf reserve will be used as parking for it. But it will look to be over by next Wednesday, so we shouldn't be disturbed from our game.

We were joined by one of Rob's workmate's wife and 15 week old baby and pram. It was nice having another woman join in, and as she's an Ultimate player she had a pretty good arm, even if she was used to those big floaty Ultimate discs. 

These Djeran days haven't seen much rain, but the red flowering gums are starting to show around my area. The Banksias are well along.

This weekend will see us starting to shelve our games - a visit to IKEA for the start of the Callax shelves. It's not something we can do all at once, bit by bit and we'll work at it.

I'll also go get my International Drivers Licence tomorrow, before going to the Swancon/Gengiscon screening of Guardians of the Galaxy II.

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