Jan. 9th, 2017

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This is in response to live journal user fremantlebiz 's post today. http://fremantlebiz.livejournal.com/1200480.html I've commented, but I've never seen him make comments readable, and I thought I'd share here too. When I was a kid I was always questioning why there were no Swans on the Swan River, when it was well known that was what it was named after. Everyone drops the original first word "Black" Swan River. With the cleaning up of the river and replanting of fringing vegetation the swans are returning in greater and greater numbers, and I'm glad to say that future kids may not need to ask the question I did. For a while at least. Mullet River - I don't know. I would suggest Black Bream River as a fish more characteristic of the river. It stays around even when the jellyfish aren't around so much. Would we eventually drop the Black in "Black Bream River" too?


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